Global food security can only be addressed if we consider its complexity

“Global food security is one of the main societal challenges of the twenty-first century that can only be addressed if we consider its complexity: an increased human population with changing dietary habits will have to produce […]

LED lighting helps Canadian vertical farm to increase food production all year round

GoodLeaf Community Farms in Canada selected Signify to equip its new state-of-the-art farm with Philips Horticulture LED lighting. As a branded producer, GoodLeaf grows and packs fresh, nutritious, and pesticide-free micro and baby greens year-round. The […]


: The Beautiful Bloom That’s Good (and Bad) for Your Heart Take a stroll through the well-tended gardens of Europe in the spring and you’ll likely see scores of bell-shaped native flowers known as foxgloves (scientific […]

CO2 GRO امکان تجاری سازی را در گلخانه توت فرنگی آیووا اعلام کرد

شرکت CO2 GRO  مستقر در تورنتو خوشحال است که اعلام می کند یک سیستم VCO2 تحویل CO2 تحویل تجاری در یک بخش از گلخانه کشت توت فرنگی 11،600 فوت مربع DeJong Greenhouse در آیووا مستقر خواهد […]

Custom engineered, automated greenhouses: now also for food cultivation

“We get calls everyday now, from people looking for greenhouses to grow their own food or to form cooperations with neighbours,” says Erick Recors with Fullbloom Greenhouse. Horticulture is a blooming market in the US at […]
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