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XANOOS International Company through close cooperation with border cooperatives and cocoons and traders of Iranian ports in the field of export and import of various goods and services in the field of purchasing and transporting goods with neighboring countries, especially Central Asia, Iraq, Afghanistan, UAE, China and ... It has continuous activities with light and heavy project executives and contractors to supply the required goods. It is also one of the main activities for supplying Iranian goods to companies distributing goods abroad. Other services of this company include foreign exchange transfers within the framework of the law and widely. At present, XANOOS International Company is proud to be active in the field of greenhouse and poultry structures and equipment, and with its international and domestic relations, it is fully capable of meeting the needs of this sector. Read this page to know more about us.

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Sepah squar

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With the help of experts and specialists in the field of trade, industry and technology, Zanus team promises you that you can trust us with confidence.
Our experience and resume have proven that the XANOOS team is ready to cooperate in everything from designing, supplying, manufacturing, executing and selling to exporting and importing all kinds of goods to meet the customer's needs.


XANOOS International Trading Company was registered in 2016 with the aim of improving the quality of the market and creating a cohesive group in the field of trade and sales.
With careful planning, XANOOS intends to quickly prepare a complete shopping cart for the customer. We are currently active in the field of greenhouse and poultry structures and equipment, as well as cooling and heating equipment.

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